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Fast Growing Tomato Types You Should Grow In The Garden For An Early Harvest

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Fast Growing Tomato Types You Should Grow In The Garden For An Early Harvest

Fast Growing Tomato Types You Should Grow In The Garden For An Early Harvest

Tomatoes are arguably the most popular crop for the home gardener as they are one of the crops that are easy to grow and take care of, so if you’re a beginner, tomatoes are the first choice. They can adapt easily to any condition to grow well. You can grow them in pots, containers, or any DIY planters.

If you have a hard time being patient, the list of the 8 Fast-Growing Tomato Types will help you can enjoy those homegrown tomatoes that much sooner. They will fill quickly your garden with little yellow flowers. Next, little green tomatoes also turn juicy, and red in a short time! There is nothing better than growing tomatoes by yourself and supplying natural tomatoes in daily meals, right? Check them out.

#1 Sub Arctic Plenty

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Source: Amkhaseed

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Sub Arctic Plenty is about 2 inches in size and takes about 55 days to harvest. It grows well in colder climates and will set fruit at lower temperatures.

#2 Moskvich

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Source: Onedropfarm

Moskvich is a Russian variety and will produce well at lower temperatures. It will produce fruits in about 60 days. The fruits are smaller about 4-6 ounces and are uniform, deep red with amazing flavor.

#3 Siberian

Source: Growjoy

Siberian has bright red fruits with about 4-6 ounces in size. The fruits will ripe in about 62 days. It does well in cooler conditions and produces in clusters.

#4 Bloody Butcher

Source: Premierseedsdirect

Bloody Butcher is ready to be harvested in about 55 days. Its fruits are about 2 inches and grow in clusters of 5-10 fruits.

#5 Glacier

Source: Mygardenlife

Glacier sets fruit in 55-60 days. It produces at lower temperatures and fruits area 2-3 inches in size.

#6 Sungold /Sungold Select

Source: Whiteflowerfarm

Sungold /Sungold Select are heavy producers of sweet and tangy orangish-yellow tomatoes. After about 60 days, they will start ripe.

#7 Betalux

Source: Unknow

Betalux is a determinate potato-leaf variety with thick stems. Its fruits are about 3-6 ounces in size and take about 60 days to ripen.

#8 Stupice

Source: Theseedcollection

Stupice is smaller tomatoes- only about 1 inch in size. It takes about 60 days to harvest and produces in a long time.

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