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9 Indoor Plants That Still Grow Well When Neglected

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9 Indoor Plants That Still Grow Well When Neglected

9 Indoor Plants That Still Grow Well When Neglected

What could be better than waking up every early morning and being enjoyed the beauty of green houseplants right in the living space? It would be nice to take a moment to sit back and enjoy the success of a healthy and lush plant. But how do you know where to start and which plants are for you? Don’t worry, this post today is for you! And here are the 9 Indoor Plants That Still Grow Well When Neglected.
9 Indoor Plants That Still Grow Well When Neglected
ZZ plant, snake plant, cast-iron plant, Begonias, …, these are extremely great for beginners. Growing them on pots indoors will provide a lavish look and can be used to decorate the interior at a low cost. They create positive impacts and many of them purify the air. Not only gives add a visual charm at any place in your home, but these indoor plants are also easy to grow with little care. They also can adapt to poor conditions such as low light, low humidity, and a wide range of temperatures.

#1 ZZ plant

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Source: Thesill

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ZZ plant has deep green leaves that grow in its tall stalks. The plant prefers moderate levels of sunlight, tolerate low light, and a little neglect

#2 Snake Plant

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Source: Bunches

Snake Plant is one of the easiest to grow plants and just needs minimal maintenance.

#3 Cast-iron Plant

Source: Thespruce

The Cast-iron Plant is a hardy plant, it still does well if not enough to water more than once every few days.

#4 Ponytail Palm

Source: Bhg

Ponytail Palm produces long and skinny leaves that sprout from a thick stalk where it stores water for all those dry spells.

#5 Begonias

Source: Green-shack

Begonias is a beautiful plant with lovely little flowers. It is an easy-care, low-maintenance plant. The plant just requires to be watered occasionally to keep its leaves don’t turn brown or dropping off.

#6 Pothos

Source: Bagoys

Pothos has the ability to withstand low light and dry soil so you can place it in the bedroom or kitchen.

#7 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Thespruce

Chinese Evergreen is a great tolerance plant with a wide range of elements such as growing in low or medium levels of light, or only needing water when the soil appears dry.

#8 Air Plants

Source: Newsweek

Air Plants will thrive in any condition, even being hung in midair, placed on shelves, or display vessels. If you want to enjoy their bold green color vibrantly, you should water every 10 days.

#9 Succulents

Source: Homedepot

Succulents favor growing in sunlight but only need little water about once or twice per week.

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