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22 DIY Faux Garden Flower Ideas

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22 DIY Faux Garden Flower Ideas

22 DIY Faux Garden Flower Ideas

There is nothing better than enjoying a beautiful landscape, gorgeous flowers, and healthy green plants, right? But not plants also have their ability to maintain all from day to day, from month to month? So, here is the collection of the 22 DIY Faux Garden Flower Ideas for your yard, porch, or patio without having to plant a single seed, flora, shrub, or bush. They are easy to follow and inexpensive, they can contribute a lot to your outdoor space decorations!
22 DIY Faux Garden Flower Ideas
Taking them a look, you will see that they all are interesting and friendly-environment. They are made out of unused items such as bottles, spoons, garden hoses, tin cans, and more, which are ready to lie in the garbage. Instead, just a little of your creativity and free time, you absolutely can transform them into gorgeous garden arts without any effort. Save them and try crafting for the weekend.

#1 Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Poppies

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Source: Pinterest

#2 Snowdrop Flowers From Plastic Bottles

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Source: Anchordeco

#3 Painted Rock Flowers Garden

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Source: Hometalk

#4 DIY Hubcap Flower

Source: Bluevelvetchair

#5 Tin Can Flowers

Source: Cpattersonart

#6 Garden Hose Flower

Source: Flickr

#7 Fan Blade Sunflower Pinwheel

Source: Hometalk

#8 Bicycle Wheel Flowers

Source: Stowandtellu

#9 Plastic Spoon Flower

Source: Diyeverywhere

#10 Metal Flowers

Source: Homedit

#11 Wheel Cover Fence Flowers

Source: Hometalk

#12 Bottle Lid Flowers

Source: Deavita

#13 DIY Glass Garden Flowers

Source: Countrydesignhome

#14 Rusty Shovel Flower

Source: Gardenweasel

#15 Giant Bottle Flowers

Source: Rlephoto.blogspot

#16 Another DIY Plastic Bottle Flowers

Source: Thelinkssite

#17 Faux Allium Flower

Source: Applelandscape

#18 Giant Pool Noodle Flowers

Source: Brenda Hobbs

#19 Folding Steamer Garden Flower

Source: Colormethrifty

#20 Garden Flower Made From Screws And Golf Balls

Source: Karen Drum

#21 Motorcycle Chain Garden Flower

Source: Rusticaornamentals

#22 Metal Spoon Flowers

Source: Etsy

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