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15 Design Ideas for Outdoor Privacy Space

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15 Design Ideas for Outdoor Privacy Space

15 Design Ideas for Outdoor Privacy Space

It’s more fun to hang out with all members of the family, enjoy outdoor BBQ, or organize parties with close friends, or just drink a coffee in right the space of the house. In this post today, we want to share 15 design ideas for outdoor privacy space that you and your family will fall in love with, especially to keep your neighbor’s watchful eye out of your backyard. Check them out with us.
15 Design Ideas for Outdoor Privacy Space
As you see, these ideas here not only give you private space but also so bring a great place to relax with beautiful and charming decoration. If you are planning to upgrade your backyard to new looks, these ideas here are one of the perfect choices. Save these ideas and choose one that you love and transform your boring yard into a vivid space right now!

#1 Porch Draperies

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Curtains made from outdoor fabrics were used to create instant privacy on this charming porch.

#2 Portrait Gallery and Casual Dining Space

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This delightful patio is the perfect spot for afternoon tea. It features a towering hedge that serves as an organic art gallery wall complete with an outdoor TV screen and audio system.

#3 City Garden With Salvaged Wood Wall and Potting Table

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In this small urban patio, a salvaged wood wall and potting table satisfy the city gardener. Climbing vines and potted plants, including a terrarium, create a lush space, while a candelabra adds ambiance for outdoor dining.

#4 Modern Zen California Backyard

A standard suburban cinderblock fence is disguised with an ipe-wood wall with a built-in water feature.

#5 Hanging Outdoor Wall

Wooden privacy screens section off this rustic porch sitting area. The modern herringbone design creates a stylish twist on a basic door.

#6 Herb Garden Wall

This vertical garden is a perfect combination of low-maintenance and high-function. A drip irrigation system provides water at the right time to keep fresh herbs thriving.

#7 Rooftop Escape

Shoji-style walls provide shade and privacy to this Chicago rooftop patio. ‘Green Velvet’ boxwood (on the right) and Arctic Blue-leaf Willow lend some green to the setting.

#8 Modern Seattle Courtyard

A cozy outdoor seating area is illuminated by LED string lights in a modern courtyard. A high privacy fence creates a sense of seclusion under the shade of trees original to space.

#9 Upper Walls

Screens placed above planter boxes block the afternoon sun and any nosy neighbors that might be peaking into the yard.

#10 Hot Tub Wall

Sometimes a soak in the hot tub is best without a bathing suit. The extra privacy wall next to the hot tub makes that possible without offending any of the neighbors.

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