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12 Best Edible Mushrooms You Can Grow Easily At Home

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12 Best Edible Mushrooms You Can Grow Easily At Home

12 Best Edible Mushrooms You Can Grow Easily At Home

Mushrooms are great vegetable types that many people love eating. The simple reason, they not only have perfect tastes to make many delicious dishes but also they are virtually fat- and calorie-freeare, which are good for health. Not just that, they also are full of vitamins and minerals, as little as 80g of mushrooms will count as one of your 5 fruit and veg a day. Instead of buying outside, or picking wild mushroom which has many toxic lookalikes, you can grow at home to keep them safe and safe.
12 Best Edible Mushrooms You Can Grow Easily At Home
Have you ever tried to grow mushrooms? Although growing this vegetable may seem difficult, even for an experienced gardener, if you grow successfully, you will have great-tasting crops right in your home. What’s more, you will find that growing edible mushrooms is a rewarding and fruitful process. And in the post today, we will share the 12 Best Edible Mushrooms You Can Grow Easily At Home, even you don’t need to spend hours in a dark, damp cellar tending to them. They are available on the internet or plant shops you can buy, so check them out to find what types you want to try.

#1 Brown Caps

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Source: Thompsonmorgan

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Brown Caps are almost as common as white caps, and just as easy to grow. They have a nutty flavor and firm texture.

#2 Oyster Mushrooms

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Source: Eattheweeds

Oyster Mushrooms are edible mushrooms that come in a range of colors and are incredibly easy to grow. They are best grown outside on softwood, such as aspen, poplar, or willow. They’ll also grow well on pasteurized straw, cardboard, and coffee grounds.

#3 Enoki

Source: Stockfood

Enokis is one of the easiest edible mushrooms to grow at home, which has a tiny cap on a long, thin stem. They are a great addition to salad or soup.

#4 Wine Caps

Source: Homestead

Wine Caps is a popular mushroom type with no-till gardeners. You can spread wine cap spawn in the spring months over mulched areas, such as around shrubs and trees. It also has an excellent and reliable flavor.

#5 Shiitake

Source: Selfdecode

Shiitake are both mild and meaty. They are easy to grow either indoors on a mushroom bed, or outside, on pasteurized wood chips or logs. Remember that give them some shade if growing them outside. Growing them under a porch or in a similar shady location will also allow them to remain moist.

#6 Chanterelles

Source: Foragesf

Chanterelles are smooth, gold-orange colored variety and are pale white internally when snapped in half. They have a fruity aroma and an earthy, woody flavor with hints of pepper, so they are prized for their velvety consistency and spectacular flavor.

#7 Morels

Source: Thespruce

The distinctive pinecone-shaped appearance of Morels looks like a fairy house. Young, tender morels, which are rich in the varieties distinctive, nutty flavor, can be cooked whole.

#8 Lion’s Mane

Source: Redmoonherbs

Lion’s Mane will grow both indoors and outdoors. They usually grow on the hardwood like oak or maple. They grow best in the cool temperatures of spring or fall.

#9 White Caps

Source: Diynetwork

White Caps not only are tasty to eat but also easy to grow. They’re commonly available in easy-to-use mushroom-growing kits. They don’t require sunlight to grow, making them perfect for indoor gardeners.

#10 Pearl Oyster Mushrooms

Source: Southernexposure

The pearl is an attractive variety that belongs to the oyster mushroom family. Pearl oysters are easy to grow, take up little room, and will happily flourish in a plastic container filled with ever-useful coffee grounds.

#11 Maitake

Source: Wikipedia

Maitake is not as easy to grow as some of the other edible mushrooms, it can take up to 2 years to start fruiting. They commonly grow on logs or roots, but will also grow indoors in substrate grow bags.

#12 Portabello

Source: Naturessoulshop

Portabello grow happily in a warm weather with a small bed of mature compost. In addition, growing mushrooms in compost or mulch makes harvesting quicker and easier.

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