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11 Friendly Plants That Are Good To Promote Kids Join Outdoor Activities

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11 Friendly Plants That Are Good To Promote Kids Join Outdoor Activities

11 Friendly Plants That Are Good To Promote Kids Join Outdoor Activities

Instead of watching movies for hours on TV or smartphone, it’s time to tend your children to the interesting things around life. Go for growing vegetables! The simple reason for this option, planting trees will help your child closer to nature. They will enjoy digging in the dirt and taking great pride in the vegetables or flowers they grow. Moreover, your kids will be more active, promote discovery and exploration about the natural development of plants. You will also love gardening with your child because you are creating happy memories together.
11 Friendly Plants That Are Good To Promote Kids Join Outdoor Activities
Gardening isn’t just about the hard work, it can be fun for most, and especially kids. So, here we’ve rounded up the 11 Friendly Plants That Are Good To Promote Kids To Join Outdoor Activities. These plants thrive without a lot of care when choosing plants for your children to grow. Choose some and grow them right now.

#1 Cherry Tomatoes

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Source: Gardeningknowhow

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For the best growth, Cherry Tomatoes need some shade during the day. This vegetable grows well in zones 3 to 10.

#2 Carrots

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Source: Gardeningchannel

Carrots prefer to grow in the sun and deep soil. You also can grow them in containers and pots.

#3 Lettuce

Source: Homedepot

Lettuce is a great option for young children as this veggie can be harvested just after three weeks.

#4 Petunias

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Petunias are easy to grow that your kid can plant. This plant prefers to get sun all the time but will tolerate some shade.

#5 Green Beans

Source: Lovetoknow

Green Beans can be harvested after 6 to 7 weeks. Give them trellis to support their growth when they mature.

#6 Nasturtiums

Source: Gardenbuildingsdirect

Nasturtiums are sun-loving flowers. They display Funnel-shaped flowers in mid-spring and last until fall.

#7 Coneflowers

Source: Nature

Coneflowers put on daisy-like flowers in the spring, you also can find them in a variety of colors. It is a sun-loving plant that can reach 2-feet tall.

#8 Sunflowers

Source: Kidsdogardening

Sunflowers is sun-loving plant that grows happily in slightly acidic, well-drained soil. From mid-summer to early fall, the plant appears flowers.

#9 Snapdragon

Source: Thespruce

Snapdragon grows in zones 7 to 10 and produces flowers that are available in white, yellows, pinks, and purples put on dragon-shaped tubular flowers with two lips.

#10 Milkweed

Source: Ourhabitatgarden

Milkweed shows off clusters of white, mauve, or pink flowers that appear on this sun-loving plant in the summer.

#11 Marigolds

Source: Gilmour

Marigolds are sun-loving plants that grow in zones 2 to 11 and reach about 9-inches tall. This plant prefers some afternoon shade in warmer climates. In the spring, it puts on buttercup-like flowers and lasts until early summer. Its blooming time is from May to June in sunny locations.

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