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10 Trees That Have Edible Leaves You Can Grow In The Garden

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10 Trees That Have Edible Leaves You Can Grow In The Garden

10 Trees That Have Edible Leaves You Can Grow In The Garden

Do you know that there are some wild trees that are edible to give you a natural food source? In the post today, we will share 10 Trees That Have Edible Leaves and you may be surprised when you find easily them. They are considered natural gifts with the bounty of delicious fresh edible leaves from trees and large shrubs. Also, several are common garden species and you can grow them right in your backyard. Check out with us if you are interested in them.
10 Trees That Have Edible Leaves You Can Grow In The Garden
Scrolling down you will see that they are edible berries, nuts, and hedgerow fruits. Growing them not only gives your landscaping a stunning look but also produces fresh food to vary your daily meals more diversify. Used them to add a wide range of different recipes from eating raw to cooked dishes. Besides, their taste is great as other veggies, even some contain high in nutrients that are good for health.

#1 Maple

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Source: Coldstreamfarm

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The sap of Maple is used to make maple syrup. Also, its leaves are edible. Maple leaf tempura is a traditional snack in Minoh City, in Japan.

#2 Mulberry

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Source: Urbanforestdweller

Mulberry trees not only produce an edible crop of berries but also provide leaves that can be eaten. You can boil them discard the water, and use them as greens for a range of recipes. Its leaves have also been used for centuries to make tea.

#3 Linden/ Lime Trees

Source: Eattheplanet

The leaves of the plants also taste great when eaten young with a delightful crispness that makes them resemble iceberg lettuce when used in a salad. You also can cook their leaves as greens and use like spinach or other cooked greens.

#4 Moringa

Source: Indoindians

Moringa is one of the best trees with edible leaves. You can eat raw or cooked.

#5 Hawthorn

Source: Treegrowing

The young leaves of Hawthorn are also a great hedgerow snack. Its leaves are one of the tastiest spring greens to give a rich, nutty taste in salads.

#6 Walnut

Source: Outdoorlife

The leaves of Walnut can be used in tea and leaf liquor.

#7 Birch

Source: Treegrowing

The leaves of Birch can also be harvested and used in salads. The leaves can also be dried and used alongside other herbs to make a healthy herbal tea.

#8 Needles From Spruce, Pine, And Fir

Source: Zenseekers

All spruce, pine, and fir trees have needles that can be foraged and simmered in water to make a tea that is very high in vitamin C. Keep in mind that yew, which can look similar to the above, is poisonous.

#9 Beech

Source: Originaloutdoors

Beech has leaves that are edible when very fresh and new. In the spring, when the leaves first unfurl, you can pick and eat raw. They are a great salad ingredient with a mild and pleasant flavor that resembles that of sorrel.

#10 Goji

Source: Hometalk

The leaves of the Goji are also delicious and nutritionally beneficial. The leaves can be eaten raw and are also sometimes used as a tea substitute.

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