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10 Best Plants That Grow Well In Humid Zones

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When it comes to planting, most people think about soft and moist soil because it will supply good conditions for plant growth. This is absolutely the right thought but you also can expand the area of planting in your garden in a humid area. There are many plants that thrive in wetness and humidity areas of the garden without a lot of extra care. And in the post today, we want to introduce the 10 Best Plants That Grow Well In Humid Zones without worrying about root rot.
10 Best Plants That Grow Well In Humid Zones
Growing them in your garden will fill up bare lands without wasting any section of your garden, besides it gives your garden a variety of plants. They also are stunning plants to add to your landscape by producing beautiful leaves or lovely blooms. It is also a benefit to pollinator species, as some of the plants below are visited by butterflies and honeybees. So, if you don’t have a yard that gets a well-drainage area, don’t give up, let’s grow some of these humid-tolerant plants.

#1 Butterfly Weed

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Source: Monticelloshop

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Butterfly Weed does well in zones from 3-9 and favors growing in wet soil and environments. Its stunning orange flowers attract butterflies and honeybees.

#2 Iris

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Source: Newengland

Most Iris does well in wet conditions and produces blooms in a variety of beautiful colors. In addition, they are hardy plants, and if conditions are right, they’ll definitely multiply.

#3 Elephant’s Ear

Source: Sagebud

Elephant’s Ear has the ability to grow upwards of 6 feet. Its favorite zones are 10 – 11. If you want to grow these plants in the colder climates, you can opt to pot these ear-shaped plants before the first frost until the cold has gone away.

#4 Pickerelweed

Source: Plantright

Pickerelweed can grow freely in standing water and do well in zones 3-10. Its blooming time lasts from early summer to mid-fall, the flowers attract pollinators.

#5 Lily of the Valley

Source: Thespruce

Lily of the Valley grows best in zones 2-9. Moist soil and a little bit of standing water are its favorites to thrive. Its flowers spread a wonderful smell.

#6 Painted Fern

Source: Gardentutor

Painted Fern is native Japan and does best in zones 4-9. The plant is very hardy and can be grown in a plethora of conditions.

#7 Amethyst Pearl Phlox

Source: Gardencrossings

Amethyst Pearl Phlox grows well in zones 3 -8. It displays delicate leaves and bright flowers which attract many species of butterfly.

#8 Ostrich Fern

Source: Dengarden

Ostrich Fern grows well in zones 3-9. It has some truly verdant leaves and is perfect for providing partial shade for many of its garden-mates. The plant can easily grow in most conditions, but it will do best in full to partial shade.

#9 Blue Camassia

Source: Fluwel

Blue Camassia does well in zones 3-9 and prefers wet soil. Its petals on the flower are somewhat spiked, and the leaves surrounding the blooms are resistant to plant-munching pests like deer and rabbits.

#10 Bugbane

Source: Americanmeadows

Bugbane grows in zones 3-9. The plant prefers wet, slightly acidic soil to produce beautiful blooms.

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